Palm Tree Symbolism in Custom Oil Painting Composition – Part 4

Now we will learn the first part of how the image of a palm tree in a painting tells the a viewer to feel.

Earlier articles in this series applies to the lore behind palms in art paintings or drawings. Similarly, everything read previous to this section applies to trees-in-general, so naturally, it applies to palm trees as well.

We Will Only Look At Healthy Palm Trees

The analysis in this sections will be only about healthy and tall palm trees in fine art paintings. If you want to read about the sick or withered ones, refer to sections 2 and 3 of this chain of articles.

A List Of Benefits From Seeing The Images Of Palm Trees

When seen in any or all kinds of art works, buy palm trees in NY tell the looker to be peaceful and tranquil. They tell him to be aware of opportunities.

The palm trees in your custom oil painting instruct the viewer to aspire highly, to “shoot for the stars”, or to “go for the brass ring.” They tell him/her to succeed or to perhaps be famous.

Various Benefits Of The Sight Of Palm Trees’ Images

If we suppose that palm trees have been added to original paintings, then might we ask, “what else does the sight, of palm trees suggest the looker?” It tells him/her to hope or to be hopeful. Moreover, it tells the viewer to live long.

Remember, I beg of you, I am not telling you these meanings based upon my own authority; I merely assume that the sources that I found on the internet are authoritative. They may be so, or they may be not so.

The sight of palms tell us to feel a sense of peace. That same image allows us to be aware of opportunities and chances as they emerge or appear in our life’s drama, or lila.

Older societies felt that the palm tells us to be fertile.

Greely Revised: “Go Beyond, Young One”

The sight of palm trees, in any work of oil painting art, speaks to our unconscious. The sight of them instructs our unconscious to tell us to go up above and beyond to the spot where small entities compete against one another.

The palms tell us to shine, shine, shine, high above the trivial and disappointing layer of being, just as the Sun does shine upon Earth.

The symbolic readings in this article have been paraphrased from other authorities rather than myself.

Palms And Paradise

Paradise has often been thought of as having both palms and ocean. Thus, when combined with ocean in a custom oil painting, the palm might also be a symbol of paradise. I decided to look up a definition, of “paradise:”

The first definition listed of the word literally means a park, with a wall around it.

However, the second definition of “paradise” is in this wise: “wanting to balance our consciousness and to make it to be whole, as it, though as hidden, has ever been.”

Palm Fronds Welcome Folks Back To Home

Palms have been known to welcome those who return home. Along with the event are the feelings of getting a desired end and of making those who return home feel that they are welcome. Finally, more to the point, palms symbolize the glory and fulfillment that our soul feels as we come back to our source.

The wisely laid palm leaves upon the path that was taken by Jesus as he walked into Jerusalem.

Some of the heirs of the gifts of Jesus Christ used palms to represent resurrection. To them, or to us, this means winning against the threat of death by becoming one with Jesus Christ.

Palm Trees Represent The Sun

One source I found on the internet has claimed that each palm shares the same meanings as gives the Sun.

When we look upward from the bottom of a tall palm tree, we observe a “sunburst” of leaves, radiating, as it were, out from the crown of the stem of the tree. It is as though we are seeing an image, or symbol, of the Sun.


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