Few Types Of Gemstone Cabochons And Their Powers

Gemstone cabochons are widely available today because cabochons can be made out of any gemstone that is not faceted. Some of the gemstones these cabochons are available in include agate, amethyst, jasper, jade, rose quartz, turquoise, tiger’s eye, moonstone and so on. These gemstones are quite charming and have natural colors. There are some people and some cultures which believe that wearing different kinds of gemstone cabochons can bring them power, energy and peace of mind. Not all the Opal gemstones have the same energy or power. Different ones have different powers and therefore you can choose depending on your preference.

Given below is information on just some gemstone cabochons and the powers they have.

Agate Cabochons – this stone is also known as the protection stone. It is widely believed that it can offer protection from stress, draining of energy and nightmares. It can also attract strength. Agate cabochons are the perfect choice for people who are looking to balance their energies and awaken their talents.

Amethyst Cabochons – amethyst is one of the popular semi precious gemstones available. It is available in colors ranging from lilac to reddish purple. Because of its beautiful color, most people are attracted to this gemstone and love to wear jewelry made out of it. But, people don’t realize that by wearing amethyst cabochons, they can actually calm their emotions, attain wisdom and also have a much clear way of thinking. Amethyst is also helpful when it comes to quitting bad habits such as alcohol, overeating or eating junk food.

Jade Cabochons – most people regard jade as a stone of serenity. This stone is produced in a number of countries, but the major supplier of jade is China. It is believed that wearing jade cabochons can help alleviate fear and anxiety and promote good luck. These cabochons also bring prosperity and somehow also help you to limit the amount of money you spend. These days, you can see many people wearing jade cabochons and, and now it is clear that one of the main reasons why they wear this type of cabochon is because it helps them hold onto their money.

Moonstone Cabochons – these are available in brilliant colors and are generally worn by women. If you have any wishes or aspiration, you can wear moonstone cabochons because they are believed to help fulfill your wishes. These cabochons are also good for promoting receptivity, inspirations and clear thinking.



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