Are You Considering Yoga Teacher Training?

Once you start practicing yoga, there are very few people who don’t develop a love for it. It’s difficult not to, after all you’re likely to experience not only a boost in your overall health but also an increased level of relaxation as well. In these fast paced times, this sense of peace is highly prized. If your affinity for yoga gets powerful enough, you might even start thinking about taking it up as a career. There is a lot of merit in doing something that you love, so if you really feel strongly about it then there’s no reason why you should not go after it. The one thing that you will need to be careful of is finding an effective Yoga School in Rishikesh.

Before you start teaching yoga, you need to know exactly what the role of a yoga instructor really is. Is it to just show people some exercises? Is it to tell them about a few meditation techniques and leave it at that? If this is what you think then yoga teacher training may not be for you. As a yoga instructor, your students will look to you for guidance on how to reduce their stress level, increase their flexibility and give them greater health and strength. If you can’t do that then your foray into teaching will never be satisfying. That’s why it’s important to get as much yoga training as possible and that in North America mean you will need to be certified. It is very important to note that you are not considered qualified to teach yoga by most employers unless you have received your certification.

You may think that you already know what style of yoga you’d like to learn, because you’ve only been exposed to one and you like it. The problem with this is there are so many different styles in existence that it may not be in your best interest to limit yourself. Take as many different classes as you can. This will expose you not only to different types of yoga but also different teaching styles, which you may be able to make your own. While most training programs will incorporate a component of proper communication, no one can tell you how to become a teacher. You’re going to be investing a lot of time and money in yoga teacher training so you really need to ensure that you pursue something you’re comfortable with.

Once you have made up your mind as to what type of yoga you’re interested in learning, it’s time for you to find a teacher. Remember that not everyone who gives classes is certified to train instructors. Yoga has become increasingly popular over the years and there have been a record number of schools popping up promising you the credentials you require. You’re going to have to do your research to find a reputable yoga teacher training program. Luckily there are institutions, such as the Yoga Alliance, which keep a public database of organizations meeting their criteria for yoga instructor training programs. An effective program must incorporate at least 200 hours of study so this is big hint if you find a place which offers ‘short courses’ leading to certification.

Some people may wonder why they should bother. Surely a three week course can cover the same material? There’s a reason why guidelines for yoga instructor training programs were developed in the first place: to protect the students. Of course what you have uppermost in your mind is the well being of your potential students, right? You cannot expect to teach if you yourself have not been properly trained. Another point to consider if you really want to become a yoga instructor is that most places will not hire someone who has not completed a yoga training program and gotten their certification.

Yes, training to become a yoga instructor is hard work and it is going to take up a significant amount of your time. You will need to patient and dedicated. If you cannot do this then you will not be able to pass these traits down to your students and you will not be an effective teacher. If you can then you will be rewarded by seeing your students grow and become better functioning individuals, knowing that the proper attitude toward yoga has been passed down to them.



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